Community consultations

The John Muir Trust has hired a team of independent consultation specialists to gather ideas and comments from the local community. A series of consultation events will explore where the local community and the John Muir Trust can work together, to bring forward a plan that benefits everybody.

The consultants will produce a feasibility study outlining the feedback received, and make recommendations as to what the site at Strathaird could be in the future as part of a masterplan.

These options will be shared with the community for further feedback, before the Trust makes decisions and takes them forward.

How will decisions be made?

The Trust is a membership organisation, run by a Board of Trustees who are elected from the membership. The Board of Trustees will make strategic decisions about Strathaird, based on information presented to them.

The Trust has created a working group for this project, and will seek local representation within that group. This group will advise and make recommendations to the John Muir Trust Board of Trustees. The independent community consultants will prepare a report and masterplan to support the working group and the Board of Trustees in making decisions.

Project timeline

  • Community Consultation Events – 25/26th August 2022

  • Explore possibilities

  • Develop options

  • 2nd Community Consultation Event – Autumn 2022

  • Masterplan finalised – End 2022

  • Future project development – 2023 onwards

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